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Poetry by Jan Christophersen
What people are saying about Jan's poetry

Jan Christopherson's poetry speaks to the deepest need of the human heart to meet pain and suffering, to understand and accept it, and to allow it to take one's soul to a deeper place. In walking into the dark shadows of breast cancer, acknowledging fear, anger and sadness, she forged a path that brought her to the light; to a place filled with serenity and peace. Her work will help countless others who must walk this same dark path to face their own experience with courage and faith and optimism. Those who read and understand Jan's poetry will know that they are not alone in their journey to wholeness, and that in the midst of the pain and grief and fear, wonderful things are possible.

Luleen S. Anderson, Ph.D., author

Fill Me Up To Empty and Under the Covers

Jan Christopherson's book of poetry, "A Journey to Hope" is a sensitive and encouraging group of poems about her struggle to live with cancer. She helps the reader see that bad news can be an opportunity for new life and new challenges that can be life giving rather than death dealing. Her poetry is so intertwined with all the emotions that go with the discovery of having a serious illness. Seeing her transformation from helplessness to hopefulness can be an inspiration to all of us in our journeys through life.

The Rev. Joseph W. Cooper

Retired Rector of the Church of the Servant (Episcopal),

Wilmington, NC

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