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Poetry by Jan Christophersen
Circles of Love
Circles of Love


Daniel Ladinsky, best selling Penguin author of The Gift, and Love Poems from God, has this to say about Circles of Love:


"Jan, your lovely publication Circles of Love brought to mind a line by Michelangelo that I recently translated for a screen play about him I am involved with.  That line by Michelangelo goes: ‘Too great a burden is the day without love.’

Indeed, may your lovely little volume help lift our burdens."



The poetry in this book is shaped by Jan's labyrinth experiences, as a way to integrate her life experiences.   Jan explains that the labyrinth has always felt like a safe space to bring all of her most deeply held emotions and problems.   She says Circles of Love reflects these three stages:

- releasing and offering something to God
- waiting in expectation and receiving a new insight
- changing a small part of her life, and then returning to
   the world, sharing the transformation with others.

Original pen and ink drawings made exclusively for this book of poetry by Sidney G. Nykanen.

Sidney was a student at The Corcoran School of Art and showed in many places in the Washington D.C. area before moving to Wilmington, N.C.

Samples from this book:


May the circle be unbroken.

May the sacred words be spoken.

Listen to the silence speaking.

In it is the Love you're seeking.



In the sacred heart

Of darkness comes one's own light

Of transformation.


Copyright Jan Christophersen

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